1- A seminar was held on grape crops in Birmanah Region, which falls under the Hallah region, on 01/02/2020, in presence of major grape farmers in the region, as well as Babel’s Directorate of Agriculture and agent Ahmad Al-Saffar, along with the Debbane Agri team represented by Engineer Haidar, Engineer Saleh, Dr. Hussein, and Engineer Amir (Regional Director). The seminar tackled several topics, including the adoption of a good fertilization system to boost productivity, by using the Yara Complex fertilizer and Orgevit, as well as adopting a system for preventing fungal disease risks. A renown farmer was selected to carry out our company’s fertilization program, in order to compare this with his traditional fertilization process.

2- On 07/03/2020, the Debbane Agri fertilization program was rolled out on grape crops in the Birmana region. The Debbaneh team helped the farmer determine the fertilizer quantity, mix it, and pour it around grape trees. Likewise, the program also included ground and leaf fertilization, along with fungus and inspect control, as documented in the reports.

3- Agent Ahmad Al-Saffar was taken on a field visit to Birmana region, which is renowned for its grape crops. The visit took place on 23/04/2020 and was aimed at following up on the outcomes of Debbane Agri’s fertilization program on grape crops, in terms of productivity, vegetative growth, improving grape trees, and comparing between Debbane Agri’s fertilizer and other traditional fertilizers used by the farmer (i.e. DAP and Urea).

4- Agent Riad Ghani was given a private field visit to protected cucumber crops on 15/03/2020, to follow up on the outcomes of using Terrasol Magnum, Neutral Terrasol, along with Yara Complex fertilizers. The visit sought to compare with other competing fertilizers, in terms of quality and productivity increase.

5- Regular follow-ups were conducted on Italian Bora wheat crops, planted in the Babel region, from the moment they are cultivated until they are harvested. In addition, our team supervised the farmer’s fertilization process, and followed up on combatting the spread of bushed surrounding wheat plants.

6- Regular follow-ups were conducted on the new Arab and Byzantine wheat varieties, from the moment they are cultivated until they are harvested. In addition, our team supervised the fertilization process. Major wheat farmers and agent were also taken on field visits to observe these varieties.

7- On 20/05/2020, several agents and farmers were taken on a field visit to observe the Italian Bora wheat crops in several areas in Babel province, in order to compare them to other competing varieties, in terms of productivity, quantitative weight and resistance.

8- On 18/05/2020, during Ramadan, agent Riad Ghani was taken on a visit to the Debbane Agri Baghdad station, to observe the new planted varieties of Chili and sweet pepper, watermelon, melon, cabbage and tomatoes. The characteristics of these varieties were explained, along with the best timing for cultivation, the specific fertilization program for each crop, in order to guarantee increased productivity and an improved quality.

9- On 19/05/2020, a special visit was organized to the Babel Directorate of Agriculture, which included a meeting with Agriculture Director Mr. Khaled Al-Qarra Ghouli, to follow up on the handover process of the Bora wheat, before it is marketed by farmers. In an attempt to facilitate the marketing of this wheat variety to farmers, the Al-Halla Silo was visited, and a discussion was held with the silo director and seed examination lab director, whereby they were handed the official books related to the registration  of the Bora wheat, thus rendering the market process easier for farmers, without any obstructions in delivery.

10- On 20/05/2020, agent Riad Ghani was taken on a visit to view Debbane Agri’s original cucumber varieties in Nahiya region, and to compare it to other competing varieties in terms of quality and productivity.

11- Our team followed up on the Bora wheat harvesting process in several regions in Babel, calculated the amount of wheat produced per dunum and compared it to other competing varieties harvested nearby. Debbane Agri also took part in the harvesting processes carried out by several farmers and dealers.

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GCO Activities and Events 

The most prominent activities of GCO, a company of Debbane for Modern Agriculture Ltd – Iraq, during the second quarter of 2021 include: Preparing an internal control system to oversee the quality and efficiency of the technical work through the detection processes that precede and follow the work of the field team during customers visit. Raising team performance by training ambitious and scalable staff to be at leadership levels or supervisors of field teams. Adapting to the changes in an appropriate manner and according to the requirements of the current stage, the most important of which is organizing preventive sterilization process for Covid-19. Adopting the professional and humane method in the sterilization process by approaching companies producing sterilizers for the purpose of applying them according to the scientific perspective during the sterilization course adopted by the company to prevent side effects during work, in order to preserve public health. Adopting the initiative to provide free service to humanitarian and service institutions as part of a sense of responsibility, the most important of which is the preventive sterilization process for Covid-19 within the institutions affiliated with the Ministries of Justice and Interior and the offices of international missions in Iraq. Including the sterilization service as an additional service of our company by registering it officially as Global Care Operations, Public Health Solution Pest Control Services Ltd, in addition to providing the necessary work requirements to adequately apply the process. Committing to the standards and regulations set out by the World Health Organization (WHO) by starting to use pesticides and everything related to human health and the ecosystem. Continuously communicating with relevant companies in the field of food safety in order to improve the level of services provided by us, especially within production sites and food preparation areas. Rejecting any contracts or requests involving the use of materials or treatment processes that are outside the framework of the standards of the WHO or that conflict with the environmental protection laws. Training technicians, supervisors, and engineers on an ongoing basis by involving them in courses organized internally or with the participation of the Ministries of Agriculture and Health. Assisting international organizations operating in Iraq in consulting, technical support, and technical treatment. Introducing new work methods that include safe control (mechanical and non-chemical), especially in production lines, to reduce risks to the lowest levels.




Luna Sensation Webinar on Grapes

On June 16, 2021, Debbane Freres in cooperation with ATI/BAYER held an online seminar to introduce their innovative product Luna Sensation to control Powdery Mildew and Botrytis Cinerea on grapes. The ATI business development manager Mr. Panagiotis Plevris shared his long experience and knowledge in the field, where he presented the features and benefits of Luna as a new innovation and a detailed presentation about its efficacy on powdery mildew and botrytis on grapes. In addition to shelf life extension in ambient and cold storage which has a direct impact on the quality for export. In addition to Debbane Freres Bekaa team, farmers and dealers, our engineers from other branches participated in the online seminar.




Lecture on Modern Methods of Corn Cultivation

On 16/06/2021, Debbane for Modern Agriculture Ltd organized a lecture on modern methods of corn cultivation at Crystal Hotel in Erbil Governorate within the northern region in cooperation with American Genetics. The lecture was attended by senior farmers, agents of the company, and representatives of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq, in the presence of the General Manager, Mr. Bassem Al-Amin, the Regional Director, Ali Fouad, and the company's regional engineers. The CEO of American Genetics, Mr. Paolo, delivered the lecture and addressed all areas of corn cultivation development in Iraq.




Lecture on Modern Methods of Wheat Cultivation in Al-Huwayjah Region

On 15/06/2021, Debbane for Modern Agriculture Ltd organized a lecture on modern methods of corn cultivation in Huwayjah district within the northern region, delivered by the CEO of American Genetics, Mr. Paolo. The lecture was attended by senior farmers and agents of the company in the same district, in the presence of the company’s General Manager, Mr. Bassem Al-Amin, and the engineers Ali Fouad, Ziad Naaman, Amjad Ibrahim, Farhan Rahim, and Abdullah Kotaibe. They addressed the areas of corn cultivation development in the region.

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