On Wednesday June 10th, CIFO conducted a webinar on Google Meet with the DEAL Product Manager.

The webinar was delivered by CIFO technical support manager, Eng. Vittorio Volpicelli, from Italy. It was attended by almost all CIFO distributors around the world, in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and America.

It focused on the role of Calcium in plants and soils and CIFO solutions/products in this regard. One of the products discussed, called “Calcisan”, represents an efficient means to provide Calcium to plants, and is a registered product in DEAL.

CALCISAN is a formula that is capable of effectively solving issues of physiopathies related to calcium and magnesium. These two meso-elements are “complexed” by specific polysaccharides (alginates), which are, by nature, present in extracts of Macrocystis integrofolia seaweed.

The main benefits of using this product are the following:

•Prevents serious physiopathies (leaf withering or tip burn in vegetables, apex rot in tomato, rachis withering in vine, bitter pit in apple, browning of leaf margins in poinsettia, etc.)

•Gives fruit skin a greater resistance to “cracking”; increases “crispness” in leaf vegetables.

•Improves shelf life and resistance to post-harvest handling.

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Melon NOURHANE F1 at Biskra

This year, the seed department at Debbane Agri has introduced the NOURHANE F1 variety in Biskra in the South East of Algeria. In the past, NOURHANE F1 was intended for open field segments in the western, central, and eastern regions of the country. Its introduction in the region of Biskra in covered fields has produced excellent results, which was reflected by the good behavior of the plant, a fruit size that exceeds 3 kg, the firmness of the fruit (Absence of fruit rot), a growth cycle ranging from 60 to 65 days and its exceptional sweet and fragrant taste. Given the advantages that NOURHANE F1 has offered in greenhouses; namely the precocity and firmness, we recommend that this variety be planted in the early cycle in December in Biskra.




Training on Sales Techniques

As part of its strategy to develop its human capital, DEAL has launched new training programs. Entitled "Mastering Sales Techniques," the first training was held in May, targeting the sales team. The main objectives of the training were understanding the main issues pertaining to customer relations, discovering the importance of each stage of a structured meeting, mastering sales meetings, learning how to explore the customer's needs, dealing with clients’ objections, and making offers. This training was also an opportunity for sharing knowledge, as a means to reinvigorate the sales team towards development and continuous improvement. These initiatives are sponsored by the company, as they bring out the best in each of its employees.




Educational Symposium for senior farmers in Najaf and Karbala

On April 14, 2022, an educational symposium was held for senior farmers of tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions in the Najaf and Karbala regions to introduce DEMA’s wide range of fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds. With the presence of the General Manager, southern sales manager, seeds manager, and engineers, this symposium was held and at the end of the symposium.




DEMA Field Day in Erbil

On May 11, 2022, the Debbane for Modern Agriculture Team organized a field day at its Erbil Station. The said day aimed to observe varieties of protected cucumbers, onions, wheat, and barley in the presence of a group of traders and farmers along with the DEMA team.

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