My Dear Colleagues,


There is no better way to start my word, but to build on, our Chairman, Mr. Etienne’s message of last week.  A message that further strengthened our trust & our loyalty into our group. A message that made us feel safer and protected by our big family, the Debbane family.


I can’t express enough how delightful and happy I am, and I thank god that you all & your families are safe from this dreadful virus, COVID-19, that turned into pandemic, hit the world and turned the lives of billions of people upside down.  For this end, I would like to seize this opportunity to thank all the leaders in our group, across all our operations and HQ, for putting in place the right protocols; and, of course, I thank you all for adhering to them, so you protected yourselves, your families and hence the group. Thank you!


We at Debbane Agri would like to extend our appreciation to our teams that have been at the front lines making sure that our business is sustained in these difficult times. The products and the services we offer are necessities to feed the world, and accordingly we have a huge responsibility towards the society. It is as important as saving people’s life.


In this uncertain time, the situation can feel scary, stressful and overwhelming to some of us.  This demands from all of us at Debbane Agri, to get more rooted to our core values driving our business since 1952:

Excellence, Integrity, Generosity, Respect, Team Unity and Perseverance.

Since that time, we have faced and seen many challenges, and have overcome them all.  TOGETHER, we will beat this one as well.


Now more than EVER, we need to be more perseverant and to work harder with positive energy, compassion, agility, and caring hearts. 


We are in this TOGETHER, Rest assured that we are and will be with you in every step of the way.


Coming Together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress, working together is success.


You are just doing GREAT

Keep on doing this GREAT job

Stay Positive

Stay Optimistic, for a bright tomorrow

Stay Safe

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Vegas F1

VEGAS F1 is a variety of Greyzini Hybrid Zucchini distributed exclusively in Algeria by DEBBANE AGRI. Its supplier is based in the United States "APOLLO". The VEGAS F1 variety is a very strong, open plant, which facilitates its harvest. It is cylindrical in shape, with a very good quality. The fruit ripening phase takes place during periods of cold, in a proper way. It is characterized by its high production, as the yield per greenhouse in one harvest exceeded 90 kg. This result was obtained at ZERALDA Trial Station of DEBBANE AGRI. The VEGAS F1 variety is intended for greenhouse cultivation; its planting period is in October-November in the open field; and its planting period is in March-April and May. Information concerning the VEGAS F1 variety was posted on social media and shared by several official pages of the agricultural sector, in particular by the CNIF (The National Interprofessional Committee for Vegetable Cultures( and on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Agriculture. 




Field Day on Tomato Varieties in Basrah

On 27/2/2021, Debbane for Modern Agriculture Ltd organized a field day on tomato varieties in Basrah, in the presence of the General Manager, Mr. Bassem Al Amin, and a number of engineers from Debbane. This field day was dedicated for the farmers and traders of Basrah who took a field tour to see the new and commercial varieties of tomatoes. They were given an explanation on the cultivated varieties by the Director of the Seeds Development Department, Eng. Ziad Nohman. The General Manager also made an intervention on the use of fertilizers and pesticides which are imported by the best suppliers, and explained the correct farming methods.




Field Observation at Baghdad Station

On 17/2/2021, Debbane for Modern Agriculture Ltd organized a field observation of protected eggplant and pepper at Baghdad station for eggplant farmers on the bassin of the Latifiyah river. The lecture was divided into two parts: the first addressed the fertilizers and pesticides and was presented by the Director of Technical Development at Debbane for Modern Agriculture Ltd, Dr. Hussein Abbas Mohamed. The second dealt with the cultivation and plantation methods of the crops and was presented by Eng. Ali Mohamed, Head of Baghdad station, and Eng. Wajih Khodeir, Senior Engineer in the region. 




Promotional Lecture in Aldor

On 6/2/2021, Debbane for Modern Agriculture Ltd organized a promotional lecture in cooperation with its agents in Aldor region and the province, namely the Farming Office of Hajj Adnan Al-Jarad and the Office of Hajj Ali Al-Faraji known for using modern technologies for the cultivation of wheat, including with regards to fertilizers, pesticides and seeds. The lecture was attended by the Director of Agriculture in Aldor and a number of agricultural engineers, farmers and seed producers. The lecture was divided into two parts: the first addressed the fertilizers and pesticides and was presented by the Director of Technical Development at Debbane for Modern Agriculture Ltd, Dr. Hussein Abbas Mohamed. The second dealt with seeds and was presented by Eng. Ziad Nohman along with Eng. Nawfal Talal, Director of the Central Region, and Eng. Amir Safian, Senior Engineer in the region.

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