On Monday, August 15, 2022, the company Debbane Agri Algeria organized a technical day on the tomato Tylcv, variety MICHEL F1 in Ain EL Kehil commune, Ain Temouchent State, with the farmer Deif El Allah Abdelkader.

A large number of farmers and resellers were present during this day; about 80 people, among them representatives of the DAS (Directorate of Agricultural Services), the president of the Chamber of Agriculture, the Agricultural Delegate and the Mayor of the commune of Ain El Kehil.

This technical day is an unmissable opportunity for farmers and resellers from different regions of the West of the country; Ain Temouchent, Mostaganem, Sidi Bel Abbes and Chlef to exchange with the commercial and technical teams on their specific needs and discover the new tomato variety Tylcv MICHEL F1.

The opening of the day was announced by the Director General of the company Debbane Agri Algeria, Mr. Charbel Bassil and by the president of the Chamber of Agriculture of Ain El Kehil commune.

The technical day was moderated by the Chief of seed products Salah Yassa, describing the potential, performance and strengths as well as the advantages of the variety MICHEL F1, namely:

-  High production

-  Good fruit set during heat and cold

-  Large size and homogeneous weight fruit

-  Firm, round, bright red fruit

-  Toleration to diseases

-  Good adaptation both during the late season and in the normal season

-  Absence of fruit rot

Follow-up of a constructive debate between the DEAL team, namely: Regional Director Mohamed Bendjafer, Technical Director Mustapha Tebib, Specialist in plant protection products Ahmed Bessas, Technical manager for the western region of the country and farmers Zine El Abidine Kardja.

The company Debbane for Agriculture Algeria affirms once again its willingness to invest in the development of products suitable for local markets and for exportation with the close collaboration of competent authorities of Algeria, namely the Ministry of Agriculture, the DAS and the Chambers of Agriculture.      

At the end of the technical day, a good lunch was served to our guests amidst a friendly atmosphere.

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