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Roumieh Prison Disinfection
Size 30.65
Message from the CEO during Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Size 30.7
Debbane Agri conference in Lebanon 2019
Size 8.9MB
Newsletter Quarter 1 2018
Size 1.6MB
Newsletter Quarter 2 2018
Size 3.1MB
Newsletter Quarter 3 2018
Size 1MB
Newsletter Quarter 4 2018
Size 2.3MB
World in 2050
Size 12.6MB
Upcycling Bottles
Size 5.9MB
Upcycling Can
Size 6.3MB
Upcycling Wheelbarrow
Size 24.5MB
Ammiq field day 2017
Size 21.1MB
Ammiq field day 2018
Size 21.1MB
Ammiq field day 2019
Size 21.1MB
Debbane Agri - Logo EN/FR
Size 8kb
Debbane Agri - Logo AR
Size 10kb
Debbane Saikali Group video
Size 46.2MB
Hydroponic agriculture for strawberries and tomatoes
Size 37.4MB