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We will treat each other as we would like to be treated


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Debbane Agri Holding sal is the Agriculture division of Debbane Saikali Group. Our drive for excellence is nowhere more apparent than in the agricultural domain, where we have been market leaders since 1952.

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Technical Day on Sugar Baby Watermelons - Variety Granit F1

On Monday 13 June 2022, Debbane Agri organized a technical day the watermelon variety called Sugar Baby, GRANIT F1 in the Tyre commune, located in Mostaganem province, in the lands of farmer Mohamed Allouche.

Around 50 people of farmers attended the event, including representatives of the DSA (Directorate of Agricultural Services), representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of the province of Mostaganem and the Agricultural Delegate of Tyre.

The technical day was moderated by the Chief of Seed Products Salah YASSA, who described the potential, strengths and benefits of the Granit F1 variety, namely:

-  High production (Average of 3 fruits / plant)

-  Good vegetative coverage

-  Large fruit size (12-15 KG)

-  Round Shape

-  Good exterior color; very dark green close to black

-  Bright red from the inside with a very sweet taste

This description was then followed by a constructive debate on the strong points of our Granit F1 variety, its capacity and its potential for harvest, as well as its behavior with different types of soils of the region (clay, sandy, etc.) 

Our guests had the opportunity to taste the Granit F1 variety, and they appreciated its sweet taste. Debbane Agri also granted a certificate of participation to our privileged client Maher and farmer Mohamed Allouche.

At the end of the technical day, the guests gathered for lunch, which took place in a friendly atmosphere.

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