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Debbane Agri Holding sal is the Agriculture division of Debbane Saikali Group. Our drive for excellence is nowhere more apparent than in the agricultural domain, where we have been market leaders since 1952.

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A New Trial Station for Debbane pour l'Agriculture

Innovation is essential in order to maintain and develop a company’s distinction while contributing to new agricultural solutions to address the major challenges of the field. This leads to:
• Better productivity;
• Adaptation and mitigation of climate change;
• Preservation of biodiversity and the environment;
• Reduction of agricultural inputs and crop protection;
• Better tolerance and resistance to abiotic factors that are harmful to various crops.

Consequently, farmers need to rely on advice given by local, national, technical, and economic sources that can be quickly disseminated and respond to their needs. The trial station is an excellent place for disseminating solutions that are proven to be innovative to all farmers while offering educational materials for training.
In order to respond to its needs, Debbane pour l’Agriculture has launched, since mid-November, a project for establishing its new trial station in Staouali, Alger. Staouali is located 9.2 km from Debbane pour l’Agriculture’s headquarters and is mainly characterized by open-field ad greenhouse market gardening.
This trial station will be reserved for testing new crop varieties, as well as new pesticides and fertilizers with their different formulas.
Under the title “Innovation is our target”, Debbane pour l’Agriculture’s trial station will be a meeting place for different agricultural actors in Algeria, as well as a space for continuous training for the company’s executives. 




Debbane pour l'Agriculture at Agro Souf 2022 Exhibition

The 6th edition at the international exhibition “Agro Souf 2022” is organized by EL FAHD Company in cooperation with the local Chamber of Agriculture and El Oued University.
More than 70 exhibitors took part in this agricultural event that extended over four days, from Monday December 12 to Thursday, December 15, 2022.
Several public and private companies, as well as agricultural operators were invited to the Agro Souf 2022 exhibition as a means to boost guidance and vulgarization mechanisms that are necessary to improve productivity, quality and yields.
Agro Souf 2022 exhibition tends to highlight the natural potentials of Saharan agricultural land. It also highlights the different possible ways of supporting farmers, as well as how to encourage investment, in order to concretize the national program that aims to extend irrigated agricultural areas, the development of agricultural products, the achievement of agricultural self-sufficiency and the examination of mechanisms for the export of agricultural products.
Debbane pour l'Agriculture was present during the four-day event, represented by Samir Gacem, Regional Director at Biskra / Oued Souf, Mustapha Tebib, Technical Director, Walid Ghoulem ITC/Biskra, Hamza Khelladi, Fertilization Specialist, and Salah Yassa, Seed Product Manager. During the event, Debbane Agri representatives answered questions from farmers and visitors from different regions of the country: The East, West and Center. The team also provided advice, explanations and recommendations to the visitors by distributing technical data factsheets related to all the seed and pesticide products they offer.




Raising Awareness – The Sustainable Way Forward

After joining the United Nations Global Compact initiative to endorse Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Debbane Agri has launched its reforestation campaign and contributed to the restoration of over 30,000 square meters of Cedrus libani in the Bcharre cedar forest in the Cedars of Lebanon.
Sustainability does not end when the trees are buried in the soil. A durable initiative that has a lasting impact must be regularly watered with awareness and nurtured to spread the wind of sustainability.
In light of the latter, Debbane Agri carries on its journey and raises more and more awareness on the importance of reforesting and restoring our country’s forests. Represented by Debbane Freres’ General Manager, Mr Zaher Ballout, Debbane Agri was featured in MTV’s Alive Program to highlight its latest activity the Cedars of Lebanon.
This initiative, in collaboration with the Friends of the Cedar Forest Committee – CAFC and the Municipality of Becharre, aimed at restoring our country’s degrading treasure, the Cedar Forests. 
While succeeding civilizations have praised the Lebanese cedar trees over the course of thousands of years, our country only maintains a limited number of trees scattered throughout its regions. Therefore, Debbane Agri had to conclude the year with a reforestation campaign to restore this resource within the framework of a series of community support activities aimed at improving people's lives and the environment.
This initiative was put under the spotlight during the Alive interview while its sustainability long-term goals were thoroughly elaborated.
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