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Team Unity

We will support each other and make the most of each individual's contribution


We will treat each other as we would like to be treated

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We will strive to be reliable, trustworthy, responsible and honest in our dealings

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We will share our resources and time to help others


We will strive to be leaders and excel at everything we do


We will continually innovate and apply our creativity in challenging times

Who We Are

Debbane Agri Holding sal is the Agriculture division of Debbane Saikali Group. Our drive for excellence is nowhere more apparent than in the agricultural domain, where we have been market leaders since 1952.

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Recent News & Articles




Minister of Agriculture Visits DF’s Table Grapes

On June 29, DF client, Mr. Issam Habre and his brothers, welcomed the Minister of Agriculture, the General Manager at the Ministry of Agriculture, and MP Cezar Abi Khalil for a field visit to some of DF’s Turnkey projects in Bhamdoun, Mount Lebanon.

The farm is divided into 3 projects: Plastic-covered table grapes, strawberry mountain hydroponic greenhouse, and net-covered cherries.

The projects were planned by the Crops Department, implemented by the Equipment Department, and followed up on by the Crops Department and Zouk branch. 

All 3 projects have thus far shown good success, as the grapes are in full seedless production while the strawberries have yielded high profit, during the execution year and in the ones that followed. 

The cherries are expected to go into full production next year (Year 3).

The Minister stated: “We stand today in the middle of the vineyards, in the middle of a bankrupt country, watching the private sector and the youth rise through the ashes of a collapsed economy and create opportunities. Today, we are witnessing the results of a success story”.

For his part, MP Abi Khalil said: “As the MP elected to represent this area, I encourage farmers and the youth to go ahead and replicate this success story. We also call on the government to grant low interest loans and subsidize such projects.”

DF continues to strive in providing its farmers with the agricultural solutions they need for their own welfare. The projects are meticulously executed, with a great deal of tailoring and customization, to meet the specific needs of every area and location.




A User’s Guide to Keeping A Green Thumb in Times of Crisis

The year 2020 has been an eventful year, but not in a good sense. So, how did we make it to June?


1- Box? What box?

During exceptional times, thinking outside the box becomes an essential adaptation mechanism in problem solving. This is definitely not the time to resort to the usual solutions; we must see opportunity at every twist and transform obstacles into opportunities.


2- We’re in this together

In times of social distancing, let us not forget that we are social beings. We can still ask others for help and, most importantly, we can respond to others in need of help. Following strict guidelines in times of crisis can often render us robotic; taking a minute to connect with fellow colleagues, farmers or the laborers we deal with on a daily basis is also part of the job.


3- Follow my lead

Taking the lead is not only just about being proactive and leading a team. It is also about what happens in the shadows. It calls on us to remain level-headed while delivering professionally.


4- No, time did not stop

It might seem like the world has stopped in its tracks and everything is frozen. It is in these exact moments that one should double down on time management, making use of the tools at hand, be it technology, creativity, or multitasking, in order to ensure work efficiency, productivity, and quality.


5- The path of least resistance

It is what it is; we are here right now. There is no point in dwelling on the past, where things were done in a more familiar way. The faster you adapt to the new reality, the faster you will be able to assess the obstacles and put a plan in place and execute it while focusing on the future and embracing uncertainty.


With that mindset, and by following the guidelines above, we were successful in meeting the deadlines of crop cycles, field days, and variety launches with as little disruption as possible.

Transporting seedlings across roadblocks during the revolution, social distancing, working from home, and managing even-odd circulation measures, nothing stood in our way.


On the bright side, we created a new type of field day: human-centered, socially distant and personalized to the specific needs of each visitor group. And against all odds, we were able to launch new varieties.


This is how we made it to June.

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